- What is required to book a photoshoot?
You will need to provide us with your name, company name, cell phone number and email address. You will also need to chose what photo package you would like and if you need any package upgrades. Finally, you will need to provide us with the full property address including zip code.

- What are your hours of operations?
Our photographers work every day from 7 am to 9 pm.
Weekend photo sessions are available on a limited basis.
Prices for Sunday's photo sessions are double.

- Do you shoot on weekends?
Yes, but weekend photo shoots are by special request and are subject to availability. Prices for Sunday's photo sessions are double.

- What is the best time of day to photograph my home?
Please see our Tips page.

- If I provide the lockbox code, will you shoot an unattended home?
Yes. We will shoot unattended homes. For liability and security reasons, it is highly recommended that the agent or agent's representative be present at the photoshoot.

- What photos will you take of my listing?
Typically, we will photograph Exterior, Entryway, Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Dining Room, Living Room, Office, Game Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Secondary Bedroom, Secondary Bathrooms. We do not photograph closets, utility rooms, extra storage units, or garages unless specifically requested. There is a designated area on our booking form where you can specify if there are areas that you would like the photographer to focus on or avoid.

- Do your photo packages include "Photoshop" editing?
All of our packages include our comprehensive Image Editing.

- Can you “Photoshop” out that crack in the wall?
For ethical and legal reasons, we cannot digitally remove a permanent physical feature of a home. This includes removing cracks in walls or ceilings, removing telephone poles or electrical lines, or modifying any other structural characteristic, deficiency and/or abnormality.

- Can you upload the photos to MLS for me?
Due to MLS regulations, 3rd party vendors are not allowed to log in to MLS under an agent’s name and password.

- What if I am not satisfied with my images?
Customer service is very important to us. We try extra hard to make sure you are satisfied with your photos. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately.

- What types of real estate videos do you offer?
We offer walk-through value videos and custom videos.

- Will you host my real estate videos?
We do not provide video hosting. We recommend clients utilize a third party video hosting provider, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

- How long can I expect my photo session to last?
Most properties under 3,000 sqft can take about 60 - 90 minutes to be photographed. Because we shoot multiple homes each day, it is important that your property be “photo-ready”, when we arrive. In order to service all of our clients in a professional manner, your appointment includes a specific block of time for your photo session. However, this depends on the size & layout of the property.

- How many photos will I get?
We do not count the number of photos we take. You will get enough photos to showcase your property.

- Will the photographer assist with staging and moving things around or out of the way
No. We need the property to be fully photo-ready upon our arrival.

- Do you charge a trip fee?
Most times we do not.  However, we do have trip fees for certain areas.  Please inquire for pricing on the areas you're needing us.

- What is your cancellation policy?
As long as we receive notification 48 hours prior to the session and during business hours there is no cancellation fee.  However, the cancellation fee is $45 if cancellation is done within this time period. 

- When is payment due?
Payment is due no more than 24 hours after a completed session. All unpaid photos will result in watermarked ("Preview") images.

- How long does Pro360 Photos store photos?
Photos are stored on our servers for exactly one year. Please make sure you download and save them in a safe place.

- When and how will I receive my photos?
With our standard turnaround speed, our photos are back the following business day (12-24 h).  You will get an email notification with info about finished photos. All media files (photos, videos, website ...) you can find in our secure Client center platform with 24/7 self -service access where you will be able to download to your computer. 

- What is the resolution of the photos I will receive?
In our Client Center Clients can choose from web-optimized images (MLS), which are typically 2048 x 1362 or the high-resolution images (BIG) which are typically 4096 x 2723. These images are great for printed materials and advertisements. All images are delivered in JPEG format.

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