Video is not just about showing the property. It's about communicating the lifestyle that the property encourages.

Having great photos to market your listing is a must. Having a great video to market your listing is an edge. The magic of moving pictures impresses both sellers and buyers across the globe in this ever global market.

Let the numbers talk on this one:
Real Estate Video 53x More likely to be on the first page of Google search. Video can earn a +41% Increase in click-through rate on search results 75% Increase in closing client leads
*Source Google
That is the type of boost video can give your property. We shoot property tour videos for any size and style property, fully furnished or vacant. Covering Houston area and surrounding.

Property videos starting at $150

Here are some more advantages of having a full motion video tour of your listed properties:



Social Media Branding

Video is an incredible marketing tool used in today’s market. The entire world seems to be on social media these days, and lets face it, social media is here to stay. A detailed video showcasing a full moving tour inside of your listing can allow you to reach a wide array of customers who spend 37% of their online time on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin among others.



Competitive Imagery

We hear this all the time from the agents we work with: "the sellers were so impressed with the video!" In an industry where referrals are gold, an impressed seller is a goldmine. Stand out from the competition and impress your clients with a full scale marketing that includes video tours for prices that will feel like a steal!



Save Time & Money

With a full motion video tour, you are giving yourself the chance to reach customers from all over the world. Sending potential buyers photos is good. But making them feel like they are at the property through the power of video is even better! It's as if you have an open house 24/7!

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