Some infos about best practice to place an order.

  • The time you requested on the order form will not be the time your shoot actually takes place.  We will email you to schedule the date and time.​

  • Orders MUST be cancelled within 12 hours of your session AND during business hours.  Failure to do so will result in a cancellation charge of $45.00.

  • All Saturday photo sessions will be processed and returned on the following Monday. Sessions completed after 3:00 PM will be returned the following business day.

  • In the Special Instructions section, please let us know if someone is meeting us there.  The time and day you select is not guaranteed at the time of placing an order. ​

  • It may take up 24-72 hours for special editing services like videos, fauxsets and sunsets to be completed.

  • Houses under 3,000 sqft are allotted (1) Hour.  If a house is not ready upon the photographers arrival AND the session takes longer than (1) hour, additional fees may be charged or the photographer will have to leave prior to completion of the session and a reshoot will need to be scheduled.

  • Photographers shoot Monday-Saturday. Sunday prices are priced double.

  • All unpaid photos will result in watermarked ("Preview") images. 

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